Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding

Conflict can often be painful and confusing with the pathways out not always being clear. Peacebuilding and conflict transformation processes  provide a path toward peace and understanding. This is true not only for interpersonal relationships, but also in groups and within organizations. Depending on the length of time and breadth of the conflict, I can utilize one of the methodologies below to craft an intervention as unique as what you are working through. Each approach is based on the understanding of conflict as a tool to deepen collaboration and cooperation. All offerings are grounded in neutrality and are completely voluntary for efficacy. Thank you for visiting and I hope you are in touch soon. All fees are hourly and based on a sliding scale.

Karis Johnston


Communication Skills Building

Communication and Conflict Resolution training can be an absolute game changer for the success of your team or organization. Training is a an effective capacity building exercise and can prevent future conflicts from negatively escalating and instead create collaboration. Group training can be modified and customized to the needs of your organization.

One on One Conversation

Conflict Coaching is helpful for those who do not feel it is appropriate to go directly to the other party without reflection and a game plan. When we speak about what conflicts have arisen to you, I will ask you questions to explore what are your goals are for the situation, what you can control and help you identify which approach has the highest likelihood for the outcome you are pursuing.

Get the Facts

Qualitative Reporting can help bring clarity to the underlying currents that go unspoken in a workplace or within a broader community around contentious issues. This type of assessment builds a road map toward common goals and provides insight into the current state of an organization.

Desk Research and Writing¬†is a passion of mine. I have worked on research grants from peace practitioners and private donors. The topic can be as broad as the “Cost Effective Peace Interventions” or as specific as “How the Commercialization of Plastics Industry in the United States following World War II Contributes to Cycles of Environmental Violence.”

Getting on the same page

Facilitation is a way of moving a group toward a common outcome. Sometimes this has a conflict resolution focus, but often this method is geared toward specific objectives within your organization.

Facilitation can look many different ways depending on the needs of the participants. It can be very structured with clear goals for the time of facilitation or it can take the form of a circle process, where all parties practice hearing others and sharing where they are coming from with no goal other than shared understanding around a topic.


Karis helped bring a new perspective to what seemed like an intractable dynamic. We worked together to navigate what I thought was a lost work relationship. I later attended one of her communication trainings and am putting those skills into practice while building my business to ensure that the people I hire maintain and promote a positive culture.

Emily Gaynor

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